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Bhansali conceived Ram-Leela while working on his directional debut Khamoshi: The Musical ; an insufficient budget led to the project being postponed.

After reviving the project in , Singh and Padukone were cast in the lead roles over many other choices. Principal photography began in Gujarat before moving to Rajasthan.

Much of the filming was done on sets, despite previous plans against doing so. The background score was composed by Monty Sharma, while the lyrics were written by Siddharth—Garima.

The film initially titled Ram-Leela was changed to Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela in response to an order by the court, allowing it to release on the scheduled date.

It received positive reviews, with praise directed to the performances of the cast members, particularly Singh and Padukone.

Criticism was focused on its plot and elements of violence. In the fictional Gujarati village Ranjaar, infamous for its uninhibited manufacture and sale of arms and ammunition, two clans—Rajadi and Saneda—have been at odds with each other for the past years.

A violent altercation between the two occur after Bhavani, a Sanera, fires at the son of Meghjibai, a Rajadi chieftain. All the Rajadi elders are irked by Ram being a vagabond who deals in porn films and stolen cars, with his mindset of making truce with the other clan.

During the festival of Holi , Ram boldly enters the house of the Sanera heads and flirts with Leela while her mother, Dhankor Baa, the chieftain of the Saneras, is busy arranging a match for her daughter with a simple-minded NRI.

Ram, however, manages to convince the policemen to leave in exchange for a set of his blue films. He is rewarded by being made the new chieftain of the Rajadis.

Leela refuses, citing that her finger is already occupied by the ring from her marriage to Ram. Upon learning of this, Ram does the same to his own finger and visits Leela while she is asleep.

Leela still retains faith in Ram and sends Rasila, the widow of Kanji, to give Ram an ultimatum to take her away.

He then requests Dhankor Baa to consider negotiation for peace, and she invites him to celebrate Navratri with the Saneras, with the intention of having him killed.

However, at the event, Bhavani secretly shoots and seriously injures Dhankor Baa to place the blame on the Rajadi. Leela is made the chieftain of the Saneras and gets busy tending to her mother.

She bitterly carries out a negotiation with Ram, equally dividing the travel routes and trades, with the condition that the Saneras and Rajadis will not interact with each other ever again.

Bhavani, who does not tolerate this development, deceives Leela into blindly signing a document that orders unrestrained killings of the Rajadis.

During Dusshera , as the Ramlila parade is ending, many of the Rajadis are killed and the village is on the brink of war, which Ram senses.

The two clans come together to cremate the bodies of the lovers. Bhansali conceived Ram-Leela while directing Khamoshi: The latter was critically acclaimed but commercially unsuccessful, leaving Bhansali with no money to fund Ram-Leela.

Feeling that directing two films set in the same place would be repetitive, Bhansali waited. He intended the film to be a tribute to Gujarat, saying, "I am Gujarati at heart.

He felt that the language heard by him were idioms for the current generation, who speak directly. Terming Romeo and Juliet as "the mother of all love stories", Bhansali wanted to make a different story with it, one that was not yet explored in cinematic adaptations.

While changing many aspects of the film, Bhansali kept the theme of "misunderstanding between star-crossed lovers", while transposing them to another level.

The idea of a feud between two families that destroys everything really appealed to him. Acocording to Bhansali, "the whole execution of Shakespeare is more flirtatious and voluptuous" and he felt his film was the best interpretation of Romeo and Juliet.

When asked about the extensive violence and guns in the film, he said that violence is "an integral part" of Romeo and Juliet, also stating how important it was for a filmmaker "to get out of his comfort zone".

The screenplay was written by writing duo Siddharth-Garima. Producer Sandeep Singh offered the duo three films; they chose Ram-Leela over the other two.

In addition to writing, they collaborated with Bhansali for the costumes, recces, shoot days, editing, subtitling, and post production.

After writing the initial screenplay draft, Siddarth-Garima were sent to Gujarat for researching dialect, slang and accent.

Rhyming couplets from Romeo and Juliet were translated into Hindi and used in the film, with more emphasis on innuendo and humor as they felt that the elements were "overshadowed" by tragedy in the original play.

Pakistani actor Imran Abbas was the first choice for Ram, he rejected the role due to "contractual obligations". In an interview Bhansali revealed that he met Padukone with the script while she was ill; impressed with her beauty and watery eyes, he cast her.

Bhansali ordered Chadda to watch Mirch Masala to prepare for her look, which was inspired by Smitha Patel. Devaiah said that his character was from the Jadeja clan and has "enough shades of grey" and was "nothing" like he had done in his career at that point.

Singh, who plays a Gujarati boy, had to learn some Gujarati abuses as well as gain muscle for his character in the film.

Singh enrolled for a week transformation programme with Stevens, going on a strict protein diet which involved eating every two hours. He managed to get the required look in six weeks.

He was put on a diet of fish, broccoli, turkey and green tea and was prevented from eating roti, rice or sweets.

Singh said, "I had to work out one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening. I would work out at 5 in the morning, start shooting from 9, shoot for the entire day till 6 pm and then return to workout for an hour again.

According to her, the Garba performed in the film was a folk one, rather than the commercial ones often played. Padukone spent more than 12 hours a day for the workshop, which involved partying, watch films and attending premieres together with Singh.

There were rumours that Madhuri Dixit would be performing an item number for the film. Wasiq Khan was the production designer for Ram-Leela.

Khan finished working on Rowdy Rathore , a film produced by Bhansali, when he was called for Ram-Leela. According to Khan, Bhansali sometimes took 3 to 5 hours for one shot to achieve "perfection".

He said that the challenge was to make the film both a romance and action film as the film would have a "rustic feel and texture" depicting action scenes, with lots of people fighting.

Khan found the experience of creating sets for Ram-Leela "different" from his previous films. Bhansali and Khan spent about 2—3 months observing locations and discussed references and drawings.

According to Khan, despite the decision to shoot half of the film on the sets and the other half in real locations, 90 percent of the film ended up shot on sets due to difficulties to shoot action sequences in real locations.

Some of the sets were created in Reliance and Film City. Interior sets were created at Reliance while an exterior set used to show the mohallas, streets and markets was set in Film City.

Khan and Bhansali travelled through villages in Gujarat and got references from the lifestyle, costumes and markets, which were used for putting together the sets.

The storage area of weapons are made so that the guns poke out of "straw baskets and from inside shimmering back-lit glass cases".

The chamber in which Leela and Ram exchange messages has paintings of Raja Ravi Varma hung with "diaphanous curtains". The walls are rough hued and lined with glasswork patches.

Ram was a character who was "exposed to the world" yet resides in a village in Kutch, making his clothes have duality. According to Basu, "for every ripped jeans or boots he sports, you also see him flaunting a kediyu and kohl-rimmed eyes.

Modi journeyed to the Bhoj region of Kutch and bought pieces of antique textiles from the villagers; she had to "mix and match" it with new fabric to create singular outfits.

Jewellery was taken from Amrapali Jewels, who lend their antique archives for shooting; these were not for sale.

The dialogues of the film were written by Sr. Manager Sawan Vyas [46]. After Modi was finalized as the costume designer, she was sent the script for studying the character of Leela.

For the promotional poster, Modi created a 30 kilo lehenga. Initially shot in Gujarat , some sequences of Ram-Leela were shot in Udaipur , particularly at Udaipur palace and Gangaur Ghat where a song sequence was shot.

In February , the cinematographer Ravi Varman injured himself on set and suffered a fracture on his hand, leading to shooting being postponed till April.

He contrasted the planned shooting with that of his previous venture Saawariya , which was entirely shot on sets constructed in a studio.

Mendengar jawaban Farah, Hotman langsung blak-blakan. Saking banyaknya yang membahas, tagar tersebut menjadi trending nomor satu di Twitter Indonesia.

Semua itu bermula saat Menkominfo meminta para pegawai Kominfo memilih stiker sosialisasi Pemilu Ada dua desain stiker yang harus dipilih.

Nantinya stiker yang banyak mendapat suara akan dipasang di kantor Kominfo. Lantaran menggunakan nomor satu dan dua, sontak memicu keriuahn pegawai Kominfo yang hadir.

Itu maksudnya gimana sih? Faldo pada 28 Januari lalu sempat mengunggah foto dukungan dari konstituennya di dapil.

Ada foto mobil yang ditempeli stiker bergambar wajah Faldo. Jakarta - eorang gadis berambut brunette menjadi viral di Golden Globes beberapa waktu lalu.

Coincidently, the seemingly unrelated and earlier Rev. Edward Pococke — , another orientalist, was sometime vicar of Chieveley , and then rector of Childrey both nearby in Berkshire, was an even earlier importer of the cedar.

William Cobbett in his journal of November 2, , whilst at Hurstbourne Tarrant wrote: I came from Berghclere this morning, and through the park of Lord Caernarvon, at Highclere.

It is a fine season to look at woods. The oaks are still covered, the beeches in their best dress, the elms yet pretty green, and the beautiful ashes only beginning to turn off.

This is, according to my fancy, the prettiest park that I have ever seen. A great variety of hill and dell. A good deal of water, and this, in one part, only wants the colours of American trees to make it look like a creek; for the water runs along at the foot of a steepish hill, thickly covered with trees, and the branches of the lowermost trees hang down into the water and hide the bank completely.

The house I did not care about, though it appears to be large enough to hold half a village. The trees are very good, and the woods would be handsomer if the larches and firs were burnt, for which only they are fit.

The great beauty of the place is, the lofty downs, as steep, in some places, as the roof of a house, which form a sort of boundary, in the form of a part of a crescent, to about a third part of the park, and then slope off and get more distant, for about half another third part.

A part of these downs is covered with trees, chiefly beech, the colour of which, at this season, forms a most beautiful contrast with that of the down itself, which is so green and so smooth!

From the vale in the park, along which we rode, we looked apparently almost perpendicularly up at the downs, where the trees have extended themselves by seed more in some places than others, and thereby formed numerous salient parts of various forms, and, of course, as many and as variously formed glades.

These, which are always so beautiful in forests and parks, are peculiarly beautiful in this lofty situation and with verdure so smooth as that of these chalky downs.

Our horses beat up a score or two of hares as we crossed the park; and, though we met with no gothic arches made of Scotch-fir, we saw something a great deal better; namely, about forty cows, the most beautiful that I ever saw, as to colour at least.

They appear to be of the Galway-breed. They have no horns, and their colour is a ground of white with black or red spots, these spots being from the size of a plate to that of a crown-piece; and some of them have no small spots.

These cattle were lying down together in the space of about an acre of ground: The house was then a square, classical mansion, but it was remodelled and largely rebuilt for the third Earl following a design by Sir Charles Barry [3] in —, during his construction of the Houses of Parliament.

It is in the Jacobethan style and faced in Bath stone , [3] reflecting the Victorian revival of English architecture of the late 16th century and early 17th century, when Tudor architecture was being challenged by newly arrived Renaissance architecture influences.

During the 19th century there was a huge Renaissance Revival movement, of which Sir Charles Barry was a great exponent—Barry described the style of Highclere as Anglo-Italian.

At Highclere, however, he worked in the Jacobethan style, but added to it some of the motifs of the Italianate style. This is particularly noticeable in the towers, which are slimmer and more refined than those of Mentmore Towers , the other great Jacobethan house built in the same era.

Barry produced an alternative design in a more purely Italian Renaissance style, which was rejected by Lord Carnarvon.

The Italian Renaissance theme is more evident in the interiors. The 4th Earl turned to the architect Thomas Allom , who had worked with Barry, to supervise work on the interior of the castle, which was completed in The 1st Earl had his park laid out according to a design by Capability Brown in —, moving the village in the process—the remains of the church of are at the south-west corner of the castle.

The Lebanon Cedars are believed to be descended from seed brought to England from Lebanon by the 17th century seed collector Edward Pococke.

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